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  • Oh no!

    2011 - 08.28

    I was cutting up boxes last night, and as I was doing it, I cut my thumb.

    I can’t knead clay without my thumb! Which means I’m not able to soften it, and form parts of the Daemons, and I’m not far enough along on one to start sewing!

    Bummer! This has to heal first before I can do any more work on Daemons. ;_;

    Ah well, such is life!

    Silver linings.

    2011 - 08.24

    Well, I found a place that would have been absolutely perfect for me.

    The people were wonderful, the location was wonderful, I met and exceeded the job requirements and we all were thinking of heading in the same direction…

    Then, something happened and they decided not to hire me.

    That makes me one bummed Daemon Creator.

    HOWEVER! I do what I can to live in a positive light. I’m going to take the time to work on learning casting of my Daemons, so that I can add to the adoption list quicker, and I’ll do a few custom larger Daemons, and we’ll see about working at one of the food, wine and art festivals coming up!

    Staying with the smiling, guys! I’ll find the perfect place for me soon!

    And sometimes we just have a little bit of fun.

    2011 - 08.16

    Working on the brown Daemon. I just purchased the rest of the supplies to finish the armature wire that I showed off earlier.

    But, sometimes, things are just silly around here:

    I have to soften the clay before I can use it on the armature. So, I softened a full package of Sculpey clay, and decided to make a poo out of it.


    It’ll be cute when it’s finished. Trust me!

    What does the Heart of a Daemon look like?

    2011 - 08.14

    Here’s a wire armature, set up for a new dragon. Right now, it’s got a tinfoil ball for a head (Not shown) and it needs a little bit of work on the wings to hold them properly into place, as the masking tape I use doesn’t seem to be doing the job, and I don’t want the wings to fall off in the middle of use. That would be terrible!

    So, I’m going to be wire wrapping the joins to add a more professional touch.

    Started work on a new Daemon.

    2011 - 08.10

    The next Daemon will have green eyes, and will be very…dragon like.

    He’ll have four hand molded feet, a long tail, wings, and a hand molded head. I think I’ll use this green brushed white fur for his body, and there’s a neat brown and green fur at Mendles that I think I’ll use for the trim. Maybe with some of that neat Zebra finch fur as well!

    It’s some thoughts, he needs to be molded and baked first. But, he’s on his way soon.

    I am SO EXCITED about all of this!


    Please excuse our dust!

    2011 - 08.09

    We’ve just begun moving into Personal Daemons.

    We’ve just set up the hatchery, and have received our first shipment of eggs, and we’ve got them all careful warm where they belong!

    We do hope to have more information, and Daemons available for adoption very soon!